What is the “Vaccine Passport”?


The “immunity passport” concept was first introduced by “The commons project” under supervision of the World Economic Forum. The idea was to have a digital “health” certificate that could securely store a persons vaccination records. The initial purpose was to allow the travel industry to screen travelers prior to departure, to ensure vaccine compliance. This idea has since been expanded to apply to all aspects of life (retail stores, concert venues, employment. 


So what’s the big deal?


Vaccine passports present a number of ethical and privacy concerns. For one, what happens when someone does not want the vaccine for personal and/or philosophical reasons? Are they cast out of society? And does it stop at the Covid vaccine? What if Governments and corporations wanted you to get the measles and polio vaccine yearly as well? Or maybe monthly booster shots? How about we just tie your personal life decisions such as “climate change” initiatives to the pass? Maybe a social credit system? The pass in and of itself may seem innocuous, but once it’s in place, there is no going back, nor is there any way to prevent the system from being expanded and abused.

Monitors display a video showing facial recognition software in use at the headquarters of the artificial intelligence company Megvii, in Beijing, May 10, 2018. Beijing is putting billions of dollars behind facial recognition and other technologies to track and control its citizens. (Gilles Sabrié/The New York Times)

What can we do about it?

It starts with public awareness. We can petition our government leaders all day, but if an idea has broad public support, there is little we can do to actually stop it. Educating the general public on the pitfalls of “vaccine passports” gives us the opportunity to strengthen our voice and create a firestorm movement. Sponsor a billboard campaign, order a “public information” kit, contribute to the novaxpass legal defense fund, or sign the “novaxpass” pledge to add your business to the map. If there was ever a cause worth fighting for, this is the one. Join us today, and fight the biggest fight of our lifetime.

Watch Dr Naomi Wolf explain the Dangers of Vaccine passports