Q: Are you an “Anti-vax” origanization? 

A: No.   We are pro “informed consent”. We believe every individual should be as well informed as possible before consenting to any medical undertaking.  


Q: Why do you (NoVaxPass) exist?  

A: We feel that vaccine passports present a slippery slope to further erosion of civil liberties.   Individual sovereignty is the most important thing today, and we vow to do everything in our power to protect it 


Q: Are Vaccines safe?

A: This is a very nuanced question.  Vaccines can illicit different reactions and outcomes from different people.   Officially, most vaccines do not undergo proper safety studies, nor are adverse side effects properly tracked.  This is why we support informed consent, and suggest you consult with medical professionals who do as well. 


Q: Do masks slow the spread of Covid-19?

A: According to current data available from dozens of countries, over the course of 10 months, masks have had minimal if any impact on mitigating the spread of Covid-19, and are therefore ineffective.  


Q: Are lockdowns effective in “Flattening the curve”?

A: Like with Masks, we now have sufficient data that suggest that lockdowns HAVE NOT been effective in “flattening the curve”.    In fact, there is ample data that suggests that lockdowns create a bigger overall societal problem, and could possible result in more deaths.