No Jab? No Rescue.

When I warn people of the vaccine passports and how adamant the elites are on getting total compliance from the subjugates, The response is often one of mockery or dismissal.   This comes from 2 very different camps – those who actively desire that the “anti-science” dissidents be crushed beneath their feet, and those who “go along to get along”, and do not understand the perverse agenda behind the scenes.      The main difference between these 2 groups is that there is yet hope for the latter group, and the former being too “far gone” to be reformed.    If you are reading this being the latter group, you need to pay extra close attention to what you are about to read.

“The Prime Minister of St. Vincent has announced that only those residents of the Caribbean island who have received their Covid-19 vaccinations will be evacuated following the two explosions from the La Soufriere volcano.”

No, this isn’t a line from some forgotten script from a 1980’s dystopian film….  This is actually happening right now, as you read this, and nobody is saying a word about it.    I wish i could convey the emotions this elicits from me, but i couldn’t really put it into words.   If you were wondering just how far the elites are willing to go to punish those who are not vaccinated, i think you have your answer.

The majority of people that are neutral towards this new vaccine passport (“Special privileges” for the vaccinated) often say “as long as i can get into the grocery store and work, i don’t care. I don’t need sporting events or pubs”… Really, do you think they will let you eat?   Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves is willing to leave thousands of people behind to be burned alive, or suffocated, just because they did not get a vaccine for a virus that has claimed the lives of 10 people on an island of 110,000.     I want you to go back, read that again, chew on it for a bit, and maybe go give one more read.     

Did you re-read that?   Alright good.     So now ask yourself – do you still really think they are going to let you have access to the grocery store, hospital, gas stations, employment?   Hell, do you think the homeless shelters and soup kitchens will even be allowed to let the unvaccinated in?     I think it may be foolish, even disingenuous to think that you will be allowed to walk free on the land without being part of the “privileged vaccinated”  class.    And if you think this won’t happen in the USA, you obviously haven’t been paying attention the past year (happy day 394 of 15 days to flatten the curve by the way).       

In Israel, restaurants have reopened, with restrictions on occupancy and social distancing and with indoor seating available only to so-called Green Pass holders, meaning people over 16 who are fully vaccinated.  This is in essence creating a caste system, where the good obedient citizens are granted freedom by the government, and the non-compliant are cast outside of society.   Dissidents are crushed by mass censorship, and are labeled as conspiracy theorists, and spreaders of “misinformation”. To think this is happening in Israel of all places is quite disconcerting to me, and it should be to you.  

So the question you should be asking yourself is, are you okay with being on the wrong side of history? Are you willing to acquiesce and conform to this new caste system, for sake of “going along to get along”, or are you willing to fight with every ounce of being? I make no exaggeration when i say this IS the fight of our lives, and if we keep waiting to “see what happens”, it will be too late.


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